Get more applications from the people you want to hire

With our chatbot on your career site, you can effortlessly connect with people all day, every day.
Ideal role's recruitment chatbot for career sites
Tired of being ignored by candidates

Tired of being ignored?

Talented people have options. After they hear about your job they'll research your company and the role. If they can't find what they want on your career site they won't apply. They won't respond to you. And they'll join your competitors.

It doesn't have to be this way.

Get people's full attention

Stand out from your competition by being available and helpful 24/7. Greet people visiting your career site and give them the specific information they’re looking for. So they’ll be excited to apply and eager to hear from you.
Get people's full attention
A career site that converts visitors to candidates

A career site that converts

Over 70% of people research jobs before applying - and your career site is their #1 source. By asking questions, our chatbot presents the right information at the right time. Like a video of the hiring manager explaining the role. Or details on your flexible working policy.

Hire faster - with less effort

With our chatbot on your career site, you can guide people to the job they’re looking for. Help them understand why it’s a great opportunity.  And encourage them to apply.  All in minutes. With no effort.  All day, every day.
Ideal role's chatbot helps you hire faster - with less effort

We listened to in-house recruiters like you
- and understand how hard hiring is

To help you, we studied how people research jobs and how they decide whether to apply. Then designed a chatbot to connect you with the people you need to hire.

How it works

To start book a demo

Book a demo

To talk about your hiring goals and how we can help.
We set up your chatbot for you

We set it up

We'll build and customise your chatbot for your brand.
So you can meet your new candidates

Meet new candidates

We run your chatbot so you can focus on your new candidates.

Who's looking at my career site?

Talented people today have a lot of options. Recruiters from companies and agencies are contacting them.  They're seeing job ads on social media. And hearing about opportunities from friends.

With so many jobs on offer, how do they decide which ones are worth applying for?


The 2018 Talent Board candidate experience report found that 70.5% of candidates conduct their own research before applying for a job.  And for most people (60%), the career site is their most valuable resource.

Because of this shift, your careers site has become your recruitment hub.

All of your recruitment activities lead to your career site.  People seeing your job ads will research you before they apply.  The people you contact directly will research you to decide how they’ll respond.

How confident are you that your career site will give them what they’re looking for?  Help them understand the role?  Answer any questions they have?  Make it clear how the role fits into the company structure?  Why the job is important and how it will make a difference?

We know, this sounds like a lot of work.  And you’re already working as hard as you can to keep up with your company’s growth.  You just don’t have the time to plan and execute an overhaul of your career site, on top of everything else you're doing.

But there is an easy way.

A way to give the people visiting your career site enough specific information to make them feel confident they’re making the right choice in applying.

A way to do this for every different visitor - giving them the specific information they need - for all the different roles in your company.

A way that’s less effort and quicker for the candidate so they’re more likely to apply - or leave their details so you can let them know when the right job comes up.

You can do all of this by adding Ideal Role’s chatbot to your existing careers site.

The advantage of a chatbot is that it uses conversation.  In an easy and engaging way, the Ideal Role chatbot can find out what someone is looking for and present them with specific content at the right time.

Like a video from the hiring manager explaining the role they’re interested in.  Or details on your flexible working policy.

In just a few minutes, our chatbot provides a personal experience that can remove the doubts stopping someone from applying.  Best of all, it does this whenever they want.  Any hour of the day.  And you don’t have to lift a finger.

Ideal Role’s chatbot will transform your career site into a high performing sales machine, turning visitors into candidates.

And help you make connections with the people your company needs to fuel its growth.

8 ways to improve your career site
- without a designer or developer

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