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You’re already getting people to your career site. By advertising.  Posting on social.  Reaching out on LinkedIn. But once there, you hope they find what they need.  Hope they apply. With Ideal Role’s chatbot you can welcome them.  Help them find the right job. And encourage them to apply.

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The best candidates have options. So when they look at your company you need to be ready. They want answers now - at their convenience.  So you need to start a conversation. To help them apply.  Or, if there isn’t a job for them, take their details for when there is.

Frustrated with job applications

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You reach out to someone. Nothing.  Then, one evening they reply. The next day you reach out.  But you never hear back... Our chatbot can sell the role and answer questions in minutes. Quickly moving people through your application process.  Any time. Any day.

Get Gloria Now - Ideal Role

With Ideal Role you will:

Be up and running in days, not weeks or months

Be up and running in days

Easily use video to sell your jobs and your company

Easily use video

Have dedicated support to help you at every step

Have dedicated support

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See what Ideal Role's chatbot would look like on your site.  Absolutely zero coding.
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