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Create your recruitment process flowchart today - with our FREE diagrams

Recruitment Process
Easily create your recruitment process flowchart - with our free diagrams. See who’s doing what, and where you can improve your candidate experience today.
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Gendered Language: Are your job ads turning women away?

Words in jobs ads matter. Learn which words to avoid, and how to improve the gender balance of the candidates applying for your job.
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Bias in Your CV: Why You May Not Be Getting Interviews

What might your CV be saying about your gender, ethnicity, age and class? Learn areas of potential bias, where they arise and how to reduce their impact.
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7 Types of Unconscious Bias That Can Impact Your Recruiting

We all have unconscious bias. But by knowing why we have it, what it is and how it affects us, we can adjust our thinking and behaviour to limit its impact.
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Is the London Job Market Fair? Gender and ethnic inequality

The UK gender pay gap study showed women are underpaid. Find out what the census data reveals about gender and ethnic inequalities in the London job market.
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Why you can't afford to ignore the benefits of diversity

A review of research into the effects and benefits of diversity on performance, covering individuals, small teams, executive teams and company boards.
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Diversity: What is it and what should we be aiming for?

Back to the basics of what diversity and inclusion are, what they mean for you in the workplace, and how to define a target, using London as an example.
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